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Ken Brown

As a infantry S/Sgt I believe most of these Kerry Haters are FOS.

Even in the infantry most officers never spent more than six months on line. We went through four in my year---and I spent a month as the Six! Officers had it easier.

I much prefer a man WHO WAS THERE over the guys who used their money to keep out!! Bush and Cheney are two who did just that. Every one knows that the Nat'l Guard, in those days, was usually a good side-step.

Every soldier who was there has the right to speak about the war as he sees it---and a hell of a lot know that things that were against the Geneva Con. were conducted as a matter of course. Free fire zones? We loved'em. But perhaps a violation.


William Chunyk

I am a Viet Nam Vet. Can we find out how many men were fortunate enough to receive three PH and rotate out of country after only four months in country. I don't remember anyone doing that!


Forget the spin. Check the facts here.


Forget the spin. Check the facts here.

Jon Potter

What a sad sorry officer. No officer I knew in Special Forces in Vietnam, nor any NCO, would have claimed he was wounded much less had the audacity to ask for medical treatment for such a minor injury that was self inflicted. Hell, we would have laughed the man out of Special Forces. The only sores/owies I can equate this to are wait a minute vine pricks and leaches, which left a minor blood flow after we either bug juiced the leaches off of us or used a cigarette to burn them off our skin. Yes, leaches do sting/hurt, but; they are not wounds, nor is a piece of metal the size of a sliver, that anyone could pull out with tweezers. WHAT A WHIMP.

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